Well-made projects save your time
First in our office the customer will get acquainted with the exhibition garden "Boho", our projects and specialists. An agreement on the beginning of pre-project works is signed.
Pre-project works
Further pre-design works are carried out: our specialists go to the project site and collect data for preparation of the situation plan, a preliminary technical task is agreed. At this stage the contract for further work with our studio is signed.
Sketch presentation
After the results of pre-project and project evaluation of the territory according to technical specifications, the designer creates several variants of the garden concept. Then 2 different 3D sketches of garden design are developed. The client reviews the proposed options and selects one of them. After the corrections are made, the final sketch of the garden is approved.
Master plan development
The first stage of developing a full-fledged project is to draw up a master plan. This document elaborates on all the elements of the project, taking into account the amendments made.
Development of construction drawings
The next stage is the development of working drawings, which will later serve as a guide for builders, specialists in installation of drainage and water disposal systems, lighting and irrigation.
Once the concept of the garden is defined, the dendroplans (name and number of plants) are developed.
We realize finding and ordering materials, engaging of partners to implement construction works and also implementation of investor budget documentation.
Architectural supervision
At the implementation stage manager and designer developing the project control implementation of building and greening works by specialists.
Subsequent garden care
When implemenation of project is finished, the landscape design studio «La Rossa» offers subsequent garden care as a separate service.