About us

The landscape design studio “La Rossa” was founded in 2019. Elena Koriahina, a founder and art-director of the studio, developed and implemented the project of the exhibition garden “Boho”. The purpose of its development was to bring together stakeholders of the landscape market as well as demonstrate modern tendencies in the landscape architecture and new materials within the one concept.

While pursuing the project “Boho”, Elena and our team established partnerships not only with Ukrainian producers of plant and construction material, but with leading German, Italian, Dutch, French and Belgian companies.

While travelling and being a designer back then, Elena learnt national particularities of designing landscape areas in different countries, new horticulture technologies and inspired by the works of outstanding landscape architectures. Having acquired precious knowledge at the worldwide workshops, exhibitions and conferences and being full of all she had seen, Elena Koriahina came up with the idea of creating an exhibition garden. On its basis she converted a garden center into the landscape design studio “La Rossa”.

To this day “La Rossa” headed by the art-director Elena Koriahina deals not only with development and implementation of unique and innovative projects, but also with refurbishment, modernization and greening early designed gardens, installing lightning and automatic watering systems, providing beautification of the area and care for plant complex.

The main task of “La Rossa” staff is to create a holistic garden image on the basis of harmonious combination of preferences, demands, associations and interests of a client, skills and artistic vision of designer and natural conditions of the area. Construction specialists led by the commercial director may easily implement a project created by designers and client and gardeners will take care of them.

“La Rossa” creates comfort for every person in his place of residence!