About us


Perhaps the most important events that helped us found the author’s studio of garden design are the teachers, the school, and like-minded people that we met along the way. A constant search for information from meetings, conferences, books, step by step has formed the image of our gardens. They are all different, but one thing unites them – these are gardens built on your emotions, on those things that cause you to feel a sense of inner harmony. These can be favorite works, paintings, travel impressions. All this serves as the main basis for your individual and special garden.

Every time you start working on a new project, you embark on a new journey that is unlike anything else. Dozens of ideas, hundreds of details, colors, shapes, shadows, sheets of paper covered with writing, searching for something new and unique. Living all this way like magic, a finished image appears – the image of a garden.

You see him so far only in sketches, plans, thoughts.Now that the project is ready, a new, no less exciting journey begins to create and give birth to a new one – your garden. Each stage is new emotions. The first trees have already been planted and the garden immediately matured, formed a play of shadows, power, freshness.

The paths leading to the gazebo have already turned around, which will also very soon show off in a new place. The water in the fountains has already begun to purr, the garden lanterns are shining, and only a little remains. Fall. Ready to plant flowers in their new flower beds (tulip bulbs, crocuses, roses, peonies), ornamental grasses and all this is arranged and disembarks … All were in time. The first snow has fallen and the garden is waiting for its first spring.

Spring and the garden come to life with the first rays of the sun!