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Perhaps the most important events that helped us found the author's studio of garden design were the teachers, school and like-minded people we met along the way. A constant search for information from meetings, conferences, books, step by step has formed the image of our gardens. They are all different, but one thing unites them - these are gardens built on your emotions, on those things that evoke a feeling of inner harmony. These can be your favorite pieces of music, paintings, travel impressions. All of this serves as the basis for your individual and special garden.


Development of design documentation in accordance with building codes and regulations.
Development of estimate documentation for the investor
Selection of contractors on a tender basis
Working schedule development
Development of a work organization project
Technical control over the quality, volume and cost of work
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When designing gardens, we put your interests first. Your wishes, what exactly would you like to get from working with our company? How would you like to use the garden and what are your garden design preferences. After inspecting the site and initial consultation, after listening to your wishes, a technical assignment is drawn up and a preliminary calculation of the cost of developing a design project is made based on the following stages: Show more
master plan development
planting plan (with specification of planting material)
construction drawings
development of estimate documentation
conducting a tender procedure with the identification of suppliers and contractors
author's support of the project


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