“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”

Claude Monet
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Who we are

The landscape design studio “La Rossa” deals with development and implementation of landscape design projects of private gardens and public spaces, refurbishment, modernization and greening early designed gardens, installing drains and storm water drainage system, lightning and automatic watering systems, providing beautification of the area and care for plant complex.

Implementation stages

Implementation of investor budget documentation
Optimization of client’s costs
Finding, ordering of materials and subsequent control of its delivery
Engaging of partners to implement construction works
Implementation of schedule and project of work performance
Technical conrol over quality, workload and cost of works
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Designing stages

The task of our designers is to realize client’s wishes, interests and demands for garden’s image that will please you and each of your quests for many years! Show more
Pre-project works
Conceptual plan and sketches
Calculation of plant and construction materials
Construction drawings
Architectural supervision

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